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HBA pros installed a new roof, flashings, siding and gutters on this Main Line home. The Hancock crew was up to the task on this involved project. No challenge is too great for Hancock Builders.

Background: This three-story home in Radnor is somewhat typical of the types of homes HBA tends to tackle on the Main Line. The house is enormous and sits on a sloping property. From the back yard, the house is more like four stories high, Added to the demands was the severe pitch of the roof in places.

The front of the house boasts three dormers and there are three chimneys at the peak. The back of the house is riddled with additions, dormers, porches, peaks and overhangs which add to the style of the home, but wreak havoc on the roofing professional.

The Project: HBA professionals installed 30-year landmark burnt sienna composite shingles on the main roof and dormers. Copper flashing was added to all the valleys created by the dormers, chimneys, additions and porches. In addition, rusted gutters and spouts were replaced with new copper gutters and copper downspouts. A new roof ridge vent was also added to the peak to promote ventilation and protection to the roof structure.

All of the dormers were resided with new CertainTeed Vinyl Cedar Impression Siding and trim. The combination of the new siding which looks like wood, copper flashing and copper gutters adds a new fresh look to an older structure.

Project Challenge: The first critical step was to remove asbestos shingles from the roof in an environmentally safe manor. HBA professionals take care to meet and exceed the safety codes of each municipality, county and the State.

HBA's experience in the roofing and construction business proved invaluable on this project. The crew is skilled in roofing, siding, flashing, gutters and downspouts. All of these skills were called for on this project.


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